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About Us

Our Story

Horses on the farm.

Tiny Home Living is operated by Ivan and Emma Keim, along with their 4 children. Over the past 20 years, Ivan has spent his career working outside of the home, building and designing furniture and also learning the trade of portable building manufacturing. As the years went by and the children grew older, the desire to be at home with the family on a daily basis continued to grow for Ivan. In the spring of 2022, they launched Tiny Home Living to support their family and enjoy more time together.

Tiny Home Living is located on their 12 acre homestead,  nestled away on a back country road in the rolling hills of Ohio’s Amish Country, where they raise as much of their own food as possible. Ivan, Emma and their four children are all involved in putting food on their table and storing for the winter.

Each year, they plant a big garden, harvesting peaches, apples, and cherries from their orchard and picking blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries. They raise a herd of low-line angus grass-fed beef, which will fill the freezer with hamburger and steaks. The pigs provide bacon and sausage, and pasture raised chicken and turkey is processed on the farm by the whole family.

Raising a family is what we do, building Tiny Homes and Studio Sheds is how we make a living.

We enjoy to live our life together and create spaces so that you can enjoy your life with your loved ones too.

Ivan's inspiration board.