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Tiny Home Living Blog

Small Space, Big Dreams: The Benefits of Tiny Homes

The tiny home movement has been growing in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. The cost of housing is increasing. People are also wanting simpler living. Tiny homes provide a solution to both of these problems. The idea of living in a small space can be scary. However, there are numerous advantages to tiny living. It is an excellent choice for those who want to downsize or simplify their lifestyle.

Living A Simple Life In A Chaotic World

People are beginning to realize that happiness is not achieved by having a lot of extras in life. Happiness is achieved when we realize that there is something greater than us.

The Benefits Of Raising Your Own Eggs

Have you ever woken up to the crowing of the rooster? The melody of our feathered friends greeting the rising sun.

Homesteading On Small Acreage

We all think we need a big red barn in order to have a farm or homestead, however, this is not the case. Start small and grow.

Dreaming About Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are the growing sensation of living a minimal lifestyle that leaves space for more of life's richness.

The Goal Of Winter Gardening

The key to a successful winter garden is choosing the right plants, planting seasons, and having adequate infrastructure.

Fall Preparing For The Winter

It is always a time of rejoicing when you see the food that has been stored away for the coming winter months.

Welcome To Our Homestead

Where you wake up to the crowing of the rooster. As you meander outside, you feel the dew droplets on the bottom of your bare feet.

5 Ways to Use a Studio Shed

Studio Sheds can serve as extra living space to work, play, or entertain. Check out these 5 ways to use a Studio Shed in your backyard.