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We understand that there are many reasons why you're interested in building a tiny home. Owning your own home is important to you, but purchasing a home in this real estate market can be challenging to navigate. Your current home feels cluttered and distant from the life you envision for yourself. You imagine a simpler life, with less things and more joy.Whatever it is, you need a home that is affordable and fits your needs.

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At Tiny Home Living, we believe that everyone should be able to create and define their own kind of homestead. We help our clients:

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The Ashmore - Tiny Home


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The Ashmore brings a modern design coupled with the metal roof and stained pine siding accent. The large windows on either side of the tiny home allow for natural light to stream in.

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Interested in building a tiny home? At Tiny Home Living we want to help create spaces you’ll love and build memories in for years to come. That is why we speak with all of our customers and schedule a meeting to plan your custom tiny home. From choosing the exterior colors, and bathroom and kitchen features, we are here to help your tiny home wishlist come to life.

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