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From size to features to siding and trim colors, our Studio Sheds are customized to fit your needs. Check out some examples below of how a Studio Shed can expand your living space and enhance your lifestyle.

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12x32 Guest House

Welcome your house guests with comfort and privacy by providing them with a secluded room of their own. Your guests will be close by allowing you to spend quality time without impeding your daily activities.

12x20 Pool House

The final touch to your backyard oasis. Whether you're storing all of your pool accessories and equipment or relaxing in the shade, we have the perfect Studio Shed to meet your needs. The Kenmore model shown here features sliding doors and a composite deck add-on, allowing you to fully enjoy the benefits of your outdoor living area.,

12x16 Photo Studio

Create a dreamy backdrop for your photo sessions using a Studio Shed as your new studio. Set up multiple scenes within one shed, and change them out with the seasons.

10X16 She Shed

A she shed, book nook, or a stylish office - whatever you prefer to call it, sometimes we just need a place to decorate and call our own. We had the privilege of styling this Brookside model with products from local boutiqes, The Peddler and bfearless. to give you some inspiration for your Studio Shed.

10x16 Office

Commuting is so 2019. We love the idea of using a Studio Shed as your personal office or meeting space. Create a space of your own that puts you in your most productive head space, so you can keep your time at home separate from work. A 10x16 office allows you room for two desk areas or an additional seating area, perfect for casual meetings or co-working.

8x12 Office

We partnered with The Peddler to create this neutral office setup, just the right size for a desk, a couple chairs, and a coffee nook (because who wants an office without coffee?).

8x12 Home Gym

Is the gym feeling a little too crowded lately? Sometimes, with our busy schedules, just getting to the gym is the hardest part. Get active on your own schedule by using a Studio Shed as your personal gym or yoga studio. Our quick consultation survey can help you determine what size shed will fit the equipment you need!

8x12 Art

Allow your creative juices to flow without having to clean up the mess and put the dining room table back together every time. Whether it's painting, pottery, writing, or another creative outlet, our Studio Sheds provide a blank slate and a ton of natural light for you to create.