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Tiny Home Living Blog

Dreaming About Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are the growing sensation of living a minimal lifestyle that leaves space for more of life's richness. Ivan decided it was time to take his years of experience building and designing furniture and portable building manufacturing, towards the tiny home route. Combining his experience and the lifestyle his family lives, it's a perfect match. 

Ivan and Emma Keim, along with their four children launched Tiny Home Living to support their family, with the ability to be home together on a daily basis. Enjoying the seasons of living life closely with one another and creating spaces you can enjoy with your loved ones.

There are multiple reasons that people may want to build or purchase a tiny home. The most prominent reason is for a vacation getaway, at a lake or a second property. Majority of the time a setting in a wooded area or lakefront view is appealing to tiny home owners. The goal being to get away and unplug from the non-stop hustle of the world, allowing themselves a chance to breathe and be in nature. Large windows are often a must, to enjoy the scenic views of one’s property and connect with nature’s peacefulness. 

Another reason people may desire to live in a tiny home may be to live somewhere as they build their primary home. They own some land and eventually want to build but would like to live in a more economical place, while they are preparing to build their dream home. After they have built their home, they may choose to use the tiny home as a studio for their business, hobbies, or as a guest house.

The tiny home lifestyle that is publicized more is the minimalist that aspires to live with a smaller footprint and has less of an impact on the environment. This is the romantic side of tiny homes and what has captured a lot of people’s attention, however, very few people are ready to live in 150-250 square foot home. Those who do, have arranged their lives around a minimalist lifestyle and are learning to be satisfied with less, that the fullness of life doesn’t come from the amount of stuff you own. 

Tiny home living is dreaming up ideas for our very first tiny home build, journey alongside us, as we plan and hope to create spaces that you can call home and form memories within.

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