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Tiny Home Living Blog

Welcome To Our Homestead

Where you wake up to the crowing of the rooster. As you meander outside, you feel the dew droplets on the bottom of your bare feet. The children bring the world to life with the energetic chatter as they go about their morning chores, each tending to their animals. The cow is waiting to be milked, the pigs are begging for their morning portion. The ducks come waddling for their feed, while the ducklings are swimming in the pond. The chickens are scratching in the dirt searching for their next bug. The rabbits nibble on the fresh carrot dug from the garden nearby. The horses are munching on the grass in the field. The song birds are filling the air with their country melody.

The best place to be, on our country homestead surrounded by the people that we love.

Some chickens from our beautiful farm where we practice the Tiny Home Living life.

Tiny Home Living is located on our 12 acre homestead where we aim to raise as much of our food as possible. Ivan, Emma and their four children are all involved in putting food on their table and storing for the winter. Each year, we plant a big garden; we harvest peaches, apples, and cherries from our orchard. We enjoy the blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries that will be frozen and used in fruit smoothies throughout the rest of the year.

One of our rabbits from our beautiful farm where we practice the Tiny Home Living life.

We raise a herd of low-line angus grass-fed beef, which will fill our freezer with hamburger and steaks. Our pigs will provide bacon and sausage. We love the delicacy of pasture raised chicken and turkey, coming from our own flock that is raised each year and is processed by our family on our farm.

Raising a family is what we do, building Tiny Homes and Studio Sheds is how we make a living.

We aim to live by the Golden Rule:  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

We enjoy to live our life together and create spaces so that you can enjoy your life with your loved ones.

Horses on our beautiful farm where we practice the Tiny Home Living life.
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